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Welcome to About That Life blog. This page is designed to expound upon topics of interest for Kingdom Lifers. In this blog no topic if off limits, but all topics will be saturated with the Word of God!!! So without any further ado...


Christian & Racist?!?!

Dr. Ranyel

Is it even possible to claim to be a Christian, yet have prejudice toward your brothers and sisters in Christ? For 1 John 4:20 states, Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. Therefore, it is impossible to claim to be a follower of Christ, yet have malice or hate toward someone else. Just like oil and water don't mix, neither does hate and love!!!

Are You a Threat?

Dr. Ranyel


When you are a threat:

  • your presence causes friction to the opposition

  • Haters exit stage left when you enter the room

  • Doubters begin to think twice before approaching you

  • The enemy's camp becomes endangered when you open your eyes

  • Satan and his homies tremble when your name is spoken like they did with Mufasa


I would like to think that I am an okay basketball player. I mean I got a decent jump shot. I'm not a WNBA Allstar or nothing, but I'm aight. But if you put me on the court with Cheryl Miller and Lisa Leslie they wouldn't even be worried about me. Shoot put me up against Sanaa Lathan from Love and Basketball and she would probably hand me the ball because she would not be threatened by me. Why would you guard someone who isn't gonna score? Why would you full-court press someone who is not capable of winning? You see you only guard what is a threat. You only put pressure on those who have to potential to win.

And some of yall right now are wondering why the enemy won't just leave you alone? Why does it seem like he is always riding you? Can I tell you that you have been on the devil's hit list ever since you said Yes to Jesus. And that is because now you are a threat to him.

When you were out there living your best life, he didn't worry about guarding you because he knew that you were not in a position to win, but now that you are living your blessed life, here he come pressing you hoping that if he applies the pressure hard enough and long enough that you just might slip up. That you just might take a hit, that you just might curse a little bit, that you just might give in to that temptation. #GetTheeBehindMeSatan because Jesus has already declared that in Luke 10, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

And when you begin to walk in that authority, you begin to operate in the power that God has given you and you start to understand that you don't have to be afraid of the enemy, the enemy needs to be afraid of you because you are the real threat!!!

Sis, Fix Your Crown

Dr. Ranyel

Have you ever done something that you are not proud? Have you ever done some things in your past that you pray will always stay in your past? Now you don't have to raise your hands because I know some of us have done some stuff that can only be between us and God. Now if you have never done anything that would put shame to your grandmothers name, then this message ain’t for you and you probably too holy for me. But I want to talk to my ladies who used to be a hot mess. I want to talk to my women who used to be tore up from the floor up. I want to talk to my sisters who had to get down on their knees and beg God for forgiveness.

I want to leave you with two things to remember...

  1. No one in here is better than the you. All of our crowns are tilted. In this church today we have ex-fornicators, ex-addicts, ex-adulterers, ex-liars, ex-cheaters, ex-boosters... So nobody here is better than anybody here.

  2. Despite what you have done, despite what you have been through, despite the multitudes of sins you may have committed... God sent me to tell you this... HE HAS ALREADY FORGIVEN YOU... So Sis, Fix Your Crown!!!

You see some of us appear to have it altogether, but your crown is tilted. We all look like a million bucks, but our crowns are lopsided and halfway falling off of our heads.

Somebody's crown is tilted from all of the hurt they had to endure trying to gain earthly establishment. Somebody's crown has been tarnished by the very people who claimed to love you but used your flaws to betray you. Yes, somebody's crown is a little worn out by the countless hours they spend on their knees in prayer asking, “God if I am suppose to be the daughter of a King why do folk keep treating me like a peasant.” But Girlfriends, here's what I want you to understand... Yes your crown may be tilted, but it is still on your head!!!!

You just missed that... Your crown is still on your head... so what the enemy meant to take you out, it may have rattled you but it didn’t stop you. It may have scared you, but it didn’t kill you... so yes your crown may be titled, but it is still on your head!


You see, your crown may not be as perfectly erect as that of Princess Meagan. Nor is it as bright and shiny as the one worn by Miss America. But your crown is just that... Your crown!!! It is the daily reminder that you may not get it right all the time. You may not have all the right answers, you may not be the best at everything, and you may not know everything. But the one thing you can be certain of is that when Jesus Christ died for you He insured your salvation with His blood and He adopted you into His royal family... So now you are ROYALTY!!!

Tilted Crown And All!!!

Look, I was always the one my family and friends looked at as if I had it all together. You know you always have that one person in the family that always seem to be doing well. Until one day the world that I knew came crashing down before my face. My marriage of 10 years was over, my contract on my job was not renewed, and that beautiful home I had just had built had become a place of terror. I was ashamed and dismayed because I felt as though I had failed. Regardless of the circumstances that led to those things happening... I felt like a failure. So for the next year, I hid at my mothers house trying to escape the feeling that haunted me everytime I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't keeping up my appearance. I wasn't an active parent in my children's life. I wasn't going to church on a regular basis. I couldn't even listen to love songs because I would just end up crying myself into a drunken mess... Yall I was in a bad place both mentally, phyisically, and financially. Until one day I looked in that same mirror and realized that it wasn't over for me yet. That even though I had counted myself out... God hadn't counted me out. Even though I had given up on myself, God had not given up on me, So I got myself together, did my hair, put some make-up on, and fixed my crown.

Watch this...

Fixing my crown didn't involve a change in my money, it involved a change in my mindset. I was still broke, but I now discovered new ways to use the gifts and talents God had given me to make money for me.

Fixing my crown didn't involve a change in my circumstances, it involved a change in my character. I was still experiencing one of the worst moments in my life, but I began to appreciate what I had rather than focusing on what I was losing.

I wish I had some help up in here...

Fixing your crown will not be up to your Mommy'nem and your Daddy'nem... Fixing your crown will not be up to your Pastor.. They love ya, but they can't do it for you... Fixing your crown will be up to YOU!!! You have to decide to leave the past in the past. You have to decide to let go of any idol that is pulling you away from God. You have to make the decision to get in right alignment with God... It's all up to you!!!

So Sis, get up, fix your makeup, put your baddest fit on and... Fix. Your. Crown.