Kingdom Life Enterprises

Kingdom Life is a ministry birthed by God to Mins. Kenneth & Ranyel Trent. Together they deliver a practical Word to a practical world through various medias. Whether it is through preaching, teaching, singing, rapping, writing, or even spoken word their mission is to bring Christ to the world while Edifying, Encouraging, and Empowering God's People to Live The Kingdom Life!


There is a new you on the horizon. A better, stronger, and wiser you. A you that is destined for greatness and prosperity, but the only way to get there is by embracing your metamorphosis. Now this process will not be easy. It never has been, but it is definitely necessary. It is necessary for your growth. It is necessary for your progress, and it is necessary for your transformation. Are you willing to be transformed?

Kingdom Life Enterprises, LLC consists of 3 primary facets:

Kingdom Life Publishing, Kingdom Life Entertainment, and Kingdom Life Graphix

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Phone: (337) 442-KLE